Proyecto personal2013

citicon es una serie de ilustraciones en donde el tiempo y el espacio se muestran como dos caras de la misma moneda. En ella se muestran conocidos lugares plasmado con un estilo geométrica y minimalista.

Time and space are, in the end, two sides of the same coin. Thus, and following Cinestesia, it seemed perhaps inevitable and natural for José María Picón to turn his attention back to the urban space, the same space that seems to fade in everyday vertigo and in pedestrian resignation. For pedestrians, penitents, seem today to bow down and stare at cellphone screens, growing centers of gravity of an existence characterized by urgency.

While the city of our time, a now-here marked by immediacy and ubiquity, becomes a series of no-wheres and banal commonplaces, the artist decides to stop and look up at the horizon, in order to recover differences still persisting at different latitudes in this little pale blue dot we dwell in.

Landscapes, reduced to subtle prints in a new exercise in harmony and geometric accuracy, make Citicon a tribute to resistance.
by Santiago G. Sanz